• It’s off to the Races!

    January! This is a good time of year to not only soak in some winter reading, Netflix watching, and hot toddies but also some deep thinking about what lies ahead for you this year in running.

    Have you set your sights on goals and plans to get you moving toward these important goals? Whatever it is you’re working toward, remember also to identify what it is that motivates you! This is going to keep you going through the dark winter runs, the cold, the last 200m of that run.

    CHRC encourages members to sign up for races as goals for fitness and community. We are looking forward to participating and supporting members in:




    • January 8-11: Leatherman’s Loop 2016. Entry by lottery. We are grouped under #CHRCTrails. COMPLETE! Hope you’ll be running with us this April. Remember to register to finalize your entry!
    • January 21: TCS NYC Marathon 2016. Apply for entry by lottery or claim your guaranteed entry
    • January 28: AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon 2016. Registration opens at noon and is expected to sell-out in hours. #CHRCWomen and #CHRCMen – this is a Club points race!


    january royal court

    Too many choices and not sure where to start? Come and talk to us. Don’t miss our first event of the year!

    January’s Royal Court is on Monday the 25th 7:30-9:30pm. Find our friendly members at 99Rogers. Come join us for an evening of beverages and merriment!

  • ~*.*: Winter RUNderland :*.*~


    Only 10 days away, the 2nd Annual Winter Runderland will be hosted this year by the CHRC Royal Council on Friday December 18th, from 8pm – 11pm.

    We are celebrating a year of running, friendship, racing, personal bests, training challenges, recovery from injury, yummy eats and drinks, thousands of miles, and all the smiles.

    Whether we have gotten to see a lot of you or a little of you, (or even if you’re a total CHRC newbie) we certainly hope to see you with your finish line supporters at our seasonally festive celebration. Party attire encouraged!


    We’ll have door prizes, awards, games, some snacks and drinks! This runnerific party has no cost. We will be accepting:

    • donations of hats/scarves/gloves for girls (ages 8-12) involved in Girls On The Run who are living in NYC Homeless shelters.
    • drinks or noshes to share!!

    We can’t wait to nae nae the night away with you!



  • Guest Post: Marathon Water Wench

    This Guest Post comes from Brooke, our favorite Marathon Water Wench, who courageously gathered the CHRC Volunteer forces for action at this year’s NYC Marathon. Thank you to all our volunteers and to Brooke for heading this up!


    4 Weeks Ago, Eighteen Noble Knights showed up at 6:30 am on November 1st to represent the CHRC by volunteering at the 2015 New York City Marathon. It was a momentous day. The majority of CHRC was stationed at the Mile 8 Barclays Center Hydration Station, looking HOT HOT HOT in our uniforms of voluminous green ponchos and itchy wool hats, handing out water and Gatorade until 2:30 pm.

    Mile 8 was a great place to be stationed as the happy endorphins were kicking in and most of the runners who passed us were smiling, swept up in marathon euphoria.

    We were a mere 2 knights shy of earning a guaranteed marathon entry for 2016, so we have a goal to aim for next year. Goals aside, it was a day of so much connection and jubilation. We Noble Knights spread the Good Word about CHRC, chatting it up with lots of runner volunteers who’d never heard of us before. The fun continued later that afternoon, with Good Lady Yael Elmatad hosting a potluck feast at her lovely manor house for all the volunteers and runners. Who knew a tofu-based chocolate mousse could be so scrumptious?! Thank you, Lady Yael, for that recipe, and for your warmth and hospitality.

    Just days before I led CHRC’s group at Mile 8 as Ye Olde Marathon Water Wench, my boyfriend, who had cancer, told me that he was entering hospice care with his family in California.CHRC Brooke In the midst of so much sadness, it felt profound to have so much life–in all shapes, sizes, and paces–rushing toward me. It was wonderful to look all those lives in the eyes and smile. “Great smile!” one lovely 60-something woman called out. (She was clearly hitting on me.) The marathon seemed a metaphor for this big, beautiful, heartbreaking life we inhabit, and all the ways we find our way through it. I’d never had any desire to run a marathon before, but after volunteering, I did.

    I’m cramming in the 3 races I need to make 9, and looking forward to training for those 26 miles with the CHRC community. Thanks to all you Noble Knights who volunteered and all the people who made the marathon possible and all the runners running toward me. You helped me to remember what it is to be alive.



    Here’s to nabbing that guaranteed entry next year, and to 26 euphoric, grueling miles of life!

    Volunteer Opportunities for the 2016 NYC Marathon are already accepting applications. Sign up today —>www.tcsnycmarathon.org/volunteers-for-2015/opportunities

  • The In-between Period

    Whether it was for personal fitness or getting to a big fall race, for many of us, our summer training cycle is complete. We’ve rewarded ourselves, celebrated… Enter the dreaded/beloved ~~ In-Between Period ~~
    Maybe you start questioning before each run – do I want to run OR do I want to ______ (snooze, eat this donut, watch another episode, etc.) What do YOU choose?
    Frozen giphy
    We have some suggestions for our Royal Members:

    1) Come and join us at our upcoming events.

    The end of the calendar year brings opportunities to get together with friends and family, eat comforting meals and drink merrily. Our every-growing running family is no different!
    •  November Royal Court. On Monday November 23rd @99 Rogers from 7:30pm onwards. Come let’s talk of winter runs & treat our parched lips to some delicious brew! RSVP on Facebook!
    • 2nd Annual Royal Winter Runderland. On Friday December 18th. Celebrate the end of an awesome year of CHRC running. RSVP on Facebook!

    2) Give back to Running.

    #CHRCWomen supports the mission of Girls on the Run. On Sunday December 6th on Randall’s Island, Join us as a Runner (accompanying 3rd-5th graders complete their first 5k!) or Volunteer for this incredibly special day for the girls in our program! Register now at www.gotrnyc.org/5kinfo.

    3) Running and Racing in the winter is FUN! pie and cocoa

    Not only do you get bragging rights and look like a badass, you get to recover with hot cocoa and pie. What else could you want?
    #CHRCWomen and #CHRCMen, the final NYRR Club Points Race of the year still has space for you! Sign up and run with us at the Ted Corbitt 15K on Saturday December 12. Let’s end the year with a bang!

    Whatever you choose to do, we’re here for you. 

    Let’s chat about it while we go for a casual fun run!

  • Taking delight in Runner’s High

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has made it across a finish line this month!!

    Here are 5 ways to celebrate your achievements and honor your incredible spirit and fitness:

    Don’t miss out on a great time with the Royal Council!
    **SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT** Wear your finisher’s medal from earned at a race this September or October, and the Queen of CHRC-Landia will crown you with a free Butter & Scotch signature Jell-ohhh shot!

    • Sign up for your next race! Set new goals and build on your confidence and successes.

    NYRR has launched online race registration for January-March 2016 and the initial registration period (aka the cheapest they’ll ever be!!) ends October 14. Among the available races are popular ones like:

    95c132_f781f42292284262b9cf736302b5dcb0.jpg_srb_p_960_720_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbJan. 24: Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon. Kick off your spring training with this fun winter run! You’ll be accompanied by the inspiring words of Mr. Lebow and classical music.

    Feb. 20:
    Al Gordon 4Mile. One of few races in our backyard, this Prospect Park race is now a Marathon Qualifier with a nod toward another NYC running great.

    Mar. 6: Washington Heights Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K. Historic cloisters, salsa, blues, Irish folk, gospel jazz… appeals to all tastes!

    Mar. 20: NYC Half Marathon. Okay just kidding. This one’s not open yet but it’ll open for drawing on October 15! May the odds be ever in your favor…

    If you were training hard for your big race, now it’s time to get back in touch with what you love about running.

    • Indulge in a time of Recovery & Strengthening.

    Massage, Yoga, Stretch…We encourage all of it!

    It’s easy to get sick and end up indoors during this beautiful time of year that passes all too quickly. Enjoy the changing of the season!

  • Balancing Outdoor Frolicking with Cozy Desserts’n’Drinks

    Fall!! …. or more summer…?

    This weather definitely has us guessing but here we are in the busiest time of year for racing and a great time to be out in a soon to be a colorful leaf-covered wonderland. For those that trained with us all summer, you’re likely feeling that surge in your legs now. And for those joining in after a summer of recovery, your fresh legs will keep us all motivated for more!

    As you complete your major fall races, find some time for balanced recovery. Enjoy the cozy comforts of sweaters and tea while finding that exhilaration of running in cooler temperatures.

    We have a couple of great events this month to help you celebrate so mark these in your calendar. We can’t wait to see you and have some fun!

    The Royal Council invites you to our monthly

    Public Court on October 14, 2015 at 7:30pm


    This time we will be at Butter & Scotch on Franklin Avenue. Let’s hear about your racing season and chat about your Halloween costume and your running goals for next season!



    runthefarmGet out of the city for a day of apple picking, hay rides and pumpkin patch dancing, October 25, 2015.

    We are heading up to Stuart’s Farm, up the Hudson. Join CHRC Trail Runners at Muscoot Farm nearby for a frolic in a 5mile trail race in the morning, or join us for just the fall fun! Be sure to RSVP so we can coordinate rides.

  • September Public Court

    Mark your calendar for Sept. 16th @7:30pm for our monthly Meet’N Greet at Catfish!