Our History

CHRC was founded in 2012 by three women who lived in the same building in Crown Heights. They were self-proclaimed “running rookies,” learning how to become runners together while keeping each other safe. 

In the first few years, we grew slowly, fueled by a flyer campaign and an old-school Facebook group. But though we were small, we were mighty – attracting runners who were encouraging, fun, and committed to running and supporting the Crown Heights community. 

Knowing the group needed a membership boost, CHRC members Kay and Danielle committed to re-launching CHRC in 2014 with a more regular run schedule and an added social aspect. They agreed to three runs a week plus a monthly Meet and Greet, held at a local business to support the community (a CHRC tradition which lives on to this day!) They designed our first logo, made our first singlets, and worked hard to establish our club as a force to be reckoned with. 

By 2015, membership was growing at a steady pace, and our first leadership council was born. In 2019, we began our effort to become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and in 2020 we elected our first board and established our club bylaws. 

As of 2022, CHRC has more than 450 members, but our mission and vibe has always stayed true to the core of what our founders were trying to create – a community organization based around friendship, fun, inclusion, and pushing ourselves to achieve our goals. 

We will always be grateful to our original founders – Adeline, Acacia, and Anna – and our 2.0 founders – Kay and Danielle – without whom CHRC would not be what it is today.