Hi friends –

We are excited to share that CHRC will begin group runs again starting Monday, September 28! This update includes our guidelines for participating on a group run, our run schedule for the next six weeks and how to sign up, and how you can share feedback with us as we plan longer term.  

As we begin group runs again, our top priority continues to be your safety and the safety of our community. In our last update, we shared that we had scheduled some trial small group runs in the morning and the evening, and invited feedback on group size, any challenges encountered and general feel. The trial runs as well as input from run leaders have shaped both our guidelines for participating on a group run and our initial group run schedule.

We are asking you to commit to the following guidelines in order to run safely together during COVID-19:
·      Sign up in advance. (Groups will be no larger than 5 runners – 1 leader and 4 members)
·      Wear your mask at all times.
·      Maintain social distancing before, during, and after the run. (We do encourage masked and socially distanced group photos!)
·      Refrain from spitting or snot-rocketing, giving high-gives, or sharing your water bottle.

Run leaders have the responsibility to ensure these guidelines are followed by all group members.

Our run schedule and sign-up sheets for the next six weeks are posted below. Because we are keeping the size of our run groups so small, you will only be able to sign up for one run per week so that as many members as possible can participate in a group run over the course of a week. We will keep an eye on participation and review as needed.

As CHRC begins group runs again, please keep in mind that this will be a flexible process. We will be listening closely to feedback from you all about how these runs are going, and continue to make adjustments as necessary. Please reach out to the Run Coordinators (RunCoordinators@chrc.groups.io) or to a member of the Council.

We look forward to seeing you out there! 


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