We are pleased to share our revised group run schedule in effect through June. We continue to listen to member input and feedback, and we are confident these changes will continue to build on the success of our group runs during COVID-19.

Please also see below for updated information on self-organized runs. (aligned with our group runs)

Our new group run schedule is:
• Monday Shakeout @ 7am: Elizabeth T
• Tuesday Team Trot @ 7pm: Jessie, Mikeala
• Thursday Run/Walk @ 7pm: Jessie, Liz M + “Spring into Running” training crew: Allison, Casey
• Friday Five @ 6:30am: Jeremy, Jimmy, John
• Saturday Long-ish Run @ 8am: Guillermo, Jeremy, Jimmy, Maddie

What has changed?

1) Run leaders will share information in advance of their group run on both our Facebook group page and on our Slack channel. This will include the meet-up location, pace, distance, and any other important information.

2) We are no longer limiting the number of participants on a group run. However, your safety and wellbeing remain our top priority – all group participants will be asked to add their name and contact information to our google form at the beginning of every run. (run leaders will help you with this if you do not run with your phone)

Reminder: We are asking you to commit to the following guidelines in order to run safely together during COVID-19:

• Wear your mask at all times.
• Maintain social distancing before, during, and after the run. (We do encourage masked and socially distanced group photos!)
• Refrain from spitting or snot-rocketing, giving high-gives, or sharing your water bottle.

Self-organized Runs:
If you would like to self-organize a run, please follow the steps and guidelines as outlined above for our organized group runs. Most importantly: please use this google form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXXWA4Ehs5bRUfPd_cpjE6HfiewBuzDB7G4ufEKQOOpZWpKA/viewform) to track all the participants, including yourself.

A final word:
It has been an eventful few weeks (months?!), to say the least, and now we are heading into a chillier season with many of the same COVID-19-related restrictions. We are so thankful for our CHRC community and for all of you!

Please keep the feedback and input coming our way.

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