Whether it’s for fitness or fun, join us for a race or training run. You can find us in Prospect Park, across Brooklyn, Central Park, and beyond! Whether it’s a first 5k, a marathon PR, or epic team fun, we help each other meet our goals!

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  • Join us on a training run, check out the schedule and just show up!
  • Register with NYRR for free and put CHRC as your affiliated club.
  • Let us know if you’re preparing for a race or have a goal you’re working toward. We want to support you!

NYRR Club Points Series

We compete in the NYRR club point series, mostly in the top-secret “Banana” division. See our current standing and learn how club points are scored.

Member Records

Training Runs

Monday Shakeout

Start the week off right with an easy loop of Prospect Park!

Meets Monday mornings, 6:30am, Eastern Parkway @ Rogers. Led by:

Stamina Tuesday

Come out for a structured evening workout with CHRC! Usually in Prospect Park, these workouts will build your strength and endurance. All paces welcome!

Meets Tuesday nights, 7:45pm, Prospect Park, Grand Army entrance, Flatbush side bike racks. Led by:

Friday Five

Start off your weekend right with an easy 5 miles or 5k in the park!

Meets Friday mornings, 6:30am, Eastern Parkway @ Franklin (north side). Led by:

Long One

In training and need to go long? This conversational pace run is for folks going 6+ miles. Often to exciting places, like Summer Streets, Coney Island, or Governor’s Island, with options for more and less mileage. Check the schedule for more information!

Meets Saturday mornings, 8am in the summer, Eastern Parkway @ Franklin Ave. Led by:

Trail Run

A 4-5 mile run on the dirt paths of Prospect Park featuring stair climb repeats and Brooklyn wildlife! All paces very welcome!

Meets Sunday mornings, 11am, Prospect Park, Grand Army entrance, Flatbush side bike racks. Led by:

Race Reports

Royal Race Report from the 2018 NYC Marathon – Kelly’s race

What was your race experience like? South Brooklyn, sunshine, adventure. Making a Great British Bake-off joke to some British lady with “Mel” on the back of her shirt. The guy with the shirt saying if he finished the race he’d propose to his girlfriend! (DID HE?!) Tripping hard while high-fiving a kid! Losing Brooke. Finding […]

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Royal Race Report from the 2018 NYC Marathon – Gideon’s race

What was your race experience like? Joyful, as always with the NYC Marathon. Could’ve used more clouds! Did you train for this race? If so, how? Yes and no. I had an ambitious start, dealt with some early injuries, but couldn’t get into a rhythm for the bulk of it. Career transition jumbled it! Did […]

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Royal Race Report from the 2018 NYC Marathon – Heather’s race

What was your race experience like? Incredible. Difficult. And so much fun. I knew it would be hard but nothing has ever pushed me this hard before. I was pushing myself to run past extreme pain, knowing that the finish line was waiting for me. I had an index card in my pocket with a […]

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Royal Race Report from the 2018 NYC Marathon – Madeline’s race

On November 4th, 2018, I ran the 2018 NYC Marathon, as a proud representative and member of CHRC. It was my first marathon (of hopefully many), and though I’d spent the previous eighteen weeks in training, I believe that nothing can truly prepare you for the excitement and uncertainty of race day. I entered the […]

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Royal Race Report: Aine Chalmers on Run the Farm

What was your race experience like? Despite it being a cold fall day (real feel in the 30’s), the race was a very fun and muddy experience. The race is just big enough to feel competitive without being too crowded or intense. The trails are beautifully maintained and well-marked. The send off (a call/response consisting […]

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