New Run schedule

Signed up for that race? Added yourself to the CHRC roster?

Congratulations! You’ve COMMITTED!

Commitment issues no more. You and your running are in a relationship (way before Valentines Day, well done) and the CHRC community is here to support your relationship. Many of us know too well the challenges and the euphoric times that come with this territory. We trust that you know yourself best when it comes to whether the relationship is going to work but no matter what, we encourage you to use our Weekly Group Runs, Social Events and Race Rallying to get the most enjoyment out of Running. We hope you are together for life!

NEW GROUP RUN SCHEDULE **Schedule is subject to change. Please utilize our Calendar for updates**

MONDAY: 6:30a.m. Newbie Run

THURSDAY: 6:30a.m. Run & Some

SATURDAY: 10:00a.m. Long One

SUNDAY: 11:00a.m. Trail Run

We have received requests for evening runs, speed and hill workouts. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have run leaders that are able to support these runs on a regularly scheduled basis. Pop-up Runs that cater to these requests by run leaders will be advertised on the Calendar and on the Facebook Group. If you are interested in leading runs, please contact us at

Some resources that might assist you:

NYRR Group Training  – Tuesday & Thursday mornings and evenings

Hook & Honerkamp – Tuesday mornings



The club points races through NYRR have been voted on and finalized by the Club Council this week! We encourage members to participate in races throughout the year. Please refer to our Racing page for more information.

In upcoming weeks we will have informational events for you to learn about racing as part of CHRC. Stay Tuned!