Crown Heights Running Club embraces the diversity of our members and the breadth of our neighborhood. We want to bring neighbors and runners together in a fun, safe, and inclusive community while supporting each member reach their goals through group runs, social events, and volunteering.

Our group is made up of all paces and experience levels – we believe that every runner has something to offer. Our vision is for members to meet friends and running buddies; train together; to share our strengths and resources. Let’s explore all that Crown Heights has to offer! To become a member of the #RunningRoyalty, contact us today!

Looking for more workouts?
Join our friends at Bed Stuy Flyers on Tuesdays at 6:30am at Boys and Girls High School for track workouts and at November Project for running/cross training on Wednesdays at 6:28am at Fort Greene Park.

History of CHRC

Begun by self-proclaimed “running rookies,” learn the origins of Crown Heights Running Club!

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CHRC Council

The royal running organizers!

Meet our Members

Madeline’s Marathon Training Journal

September Edition Hi folks! Happy October! As of this writing I am in Week 12 of my training plan on the path to the 2019 NYC Marathon. Here’s update #3: Ups: In August, I ran 125 miles. This is the highest mileage month I’ve had – ever – and part of the motivation for hitting …

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Madeline Breda’s August Marathon Training Journal

Hello all! It’s time for my second check-in of the marathon training season. As of today (8/26) I am in Week 7 of my training plan, and feeling good! Ups: A few weeks ago, I took a brief vacation to visit my boyfriend’s family in Pennsylvania. While there, I had the pleasure of exploring the …

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Kelsey Drain’s Marathon Training Report

I’m on round two of marathon training after running the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon. On the streets of New York City this fall, I hope to run a faster time so I’m trying to take this training thing more seriously (i.e. actually do the prescribed weekly track workouts and tempo runs). So far, six weeks in, …

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Madeline Breda’s July Marathon Training Journal

Hello fellow running royals – Madeline Breda here! This summer is my second time training for a marathon, and this November I will be running the NYC Marathon for a second time. I learned a lot during my last training block and this time, I’m trying to implement some changes in my strategy that ~I’m …

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Amanda Crain on the Cheer Squad

Running through the CHRC Cheer Station in Brooklyn during the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon gave me a boost that’s hard to put into words. For miles after the cheer station, I thought back to all of the screams, high fives, and excited cheering that was coming from all of my friends at the …

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