Staten Island was My First Half Marathon

#CHRC Member Dave shares his experience at the Staten Island Half Marathon on October 9. Dave started running this year in an effort to improve his health. His running journey is chronicled on his blog:The Lazy Dog Jog Blog. Congratulations Dave! We are so proud of you!


The Staten Island Half Marathon was my first Half and my longest run to date.  I started to train in July right after breaking my toe (which had upset my routine for 6 weeks).  I had built up a lot of miles before I broke my toe and had even managed to run 8 miles one Sunday.  Starting all over again was tough, but I had a lot of support from members of CHRC and that truly helped a great deal.dave-1

The SIHM was a challenge from the moment we got to the Ferry Terminal in downtown Manhattan.   We (15, or so, members of the CHRC) missed the first Ferry and had a bit of a challenge getting on the second.  When we got to Staten Island I was not prepared for the cold, wet and altogether dismal conditions in which we were to race.  By the time we started shuffling to our starts I was frozen.  When we finally started running I felt horrible.  My legs hurt, I was cold, I couldn’t seem to find a comfortable pace.  All in all it just plain sucked being out there.

I was pretty much no fun to be around until mile 3 when the first hill basically warmed up my legs and gave me some motivation.  That hill saved my butt.  On the downhill following I lengthened my stride and really started to feel like I might make a race of this.  Of course, like all hubris, that thought would later bite me in the ass.

From Mile 3 to Mile 10 I felt strong. My pace was better than I had planned and I pushed and cheered and basically was having a good ‘ole time.  Come Mile 11 I started to lag a little and Mile 12 was probably the toughest Mile I have ever run. Period.

Mile 12 was cruelty defined.  The head wind, rain and lakes of rainwater that were waterlogging my shoes were almost too much to bear.  I considered quitting every 15 seconds.  I just kept telling myself that I had come this far.  My Mantra; “Almostdonealmostdonealmostdone.”.

The last Half Mile I went all out.  I got into the stadium and got my medal.  My legs were shaking and my teeth were chattering and I was muddy, cold and miserable. The bag check took forever and I felt like I was one shiver away from hypothermia.  I cursed Staten Island and I bitched and moaned for, what felt like, hours.

I ended up running at a 9:53 pace. Which is faster than I had planned.  I beat my goal time and it has motivated me to start adding Tempo Runs, Hills and Fartleks to my future training.

After all that misery and complaining all I want to do I run another one.