Runners Hold Court with Snowstorm tales

You survived Snowzilla 2016!

Perhaps you even experienced it on foot, perhaps even with your running shoes on.

sledville 2016

Come on out tomorrow night to 99Rogers and share your snowstorm tales as we hold Public Court for the first time this year.

The Proprietor of Ye Olde Gear Shoppe will also be present to share samples of her wares for your to try on for size and place an order.

Our Shoppe is OPEN  January 25 – February 9!



And if that isn’t enough – for ONE NIGHT ONLY, we are offering a chance to participate in a

Print-Your-Own-Merch Event!shirtsimage5

  • $10.00 per print/ per item  ($3.00 of every print goes to CHRC club fund!)
  • Prints available to choose from:
    CHRC banner logo (in white or blank ink choice). Size: approx 8.5″ wide x 5″ high
    CHRC Vintage “running man” (in white or black ink choice). Size: approx 8″ wide x 10″ high



Guidelines for selecting items to print:

1. Item must be in good condition and clean before handing over for print.
2. Make sure to select an item that you are OK to part with for approximately 3 weeks.
3. Items that are plain in color, design, and have ample space to receive a print work best.
4. Performance apparel is accepted. Items will be evaluated to make sure they are receptive to heat.
5. Items not accepted: Hats, socks, spandex or Lycra material.