Royal Race Report from the 2018 NYC Marathon – Gideon’s race

What was your race experience like?

Joyful, as always with the NYC Marathon. Could’ve used more clouds!

Did you train for this race? If so, how?

Yes and no. I had an ambitious start, dealt with some early injuries, but couldn’t get into a rhythm for the bulk of it. Career transition jumbled it!

Did you have any goals for this race? If so, what were they?

Finish 3:45, or at least better

Did CHRC help you train for/run/celebrate this race? If so, how?

Yes! Leading the handful of Long Runs that I did kept me honest. Feeling a duty to those around me got me to step up. Guillermo and Walt rode in with me the morning of from Sterling St, and we kept each other cheerful and encouraged throughout the morning. And then Dave G and Mary G ran with me for the first 20 miles!

What was your favorite thing about the race?

New York putting on its best face.

What was the biggest challenge about the race?

20 miles in. Whew!

Would you run it again?


What advice/tips would you give to Royals wanting to run this race?

Lean on this club. It will give you so much back.