Race Report: Retro Run 4M and New York Mini 10k

It was a groovy Retro Run on Sunday, June 12 despite the severe weather warning! Here’s the skinny: sweatband and tube sock wearing runners ran counter-clockwise around the inner loop of Central Park. Miles splits were called out live and CHRC scored some PRs at this club points race!

The 45th annual Mini 10k, originally named after the miniskirt, was held on Sunday, June 11 with over 8800 women! Congrats to Yael Elmatad, Jess Setless, and Celia Dillon who repped CHRC Women at the race. The race started along the exterior of Central Park, near Columbus Circle, then clockwise around the full loop.

Congrats also goes to:

  • Peter Meegan for finishing #1 in AG and #9 overall at Provincetown 10k!
  • Gideon Bautista for finishing #5 in AG at the Walkway Marathon!

CHRC Women – Top 5 – 4 Mile (2016)

# Time Date Event CHRC Runner
1 0:28:00 6/5/2016 Retro Run 4M Stephanie Butikis *PR*
2 0:28:05 6/5/2016 Retro Run 4M Kay Naito
3 0:29:20 4/24/2016 Run as One 4M Monica Merlis
4 0:31:12 1/9/2016 City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks Jess Setless
5 0:32:41 6/5/2016 Retro Run 4M Elizabeth Chen *PR*


CHRC Mens – Top 5 – 4 Mile (2016)

# Time Date Event CHRC Runner
1 0:27:36 2/7/2016 Gridiron 4M Robert Lynn
2 0:28:03 6/5/2016 Retro Run 4M David Gibbons *PR*
3 0:28:08 2/21/2016 Al Gordon 4M Nigel McGregor
4 0:28:09 6/5/2016 Retro Run 4M Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste *PR*
5 0:30:23 4/24/2016 Run as One Reed Edwards



The next club point races are Queens 10k, and the Pride Run 5M! Both are sold out but the Team Champions 5M (Women) and Team Champions 5M (Men) is still available; sign up and rep CHRC in this exclusive team only event!