Race Report: Leatherman’s Loop

“Beauty below me, as I run. Beauty above me, as I run. Beauty beside me, as I run. Beauty within me, as I run. I see Beauty all around and Beauty may we walk, and Beauty may we see, and Beauty may we all be!”

– Leatherman’s Loop blessing


The morning on April 24th started with 6:30am Coffee and Doughnuts on Flatbush Ave – a healthy trail run breakfast! The weather was kind, giving us just the kind of crisp spring morning to bless a trail race. Perked from the sugar and caffeine, #CHRCTrail Runners climbed into a van and had a smooth drive up to the site of the 30th Annual Leatherman’s Loop near Katonah, New York.

            Michael has his eye on the prize  leatherman  Wei and Jon smiling after the Switchback

The Leatherman’s Loop has a history that has carried through the years, unlike most races – many of its traditions have some place and purpose that continue today. These include the presence of a Tepee, the location of the run, the invocation of the mystery and spirit of the trails we tread on.

Joey skips through the mud flats

Of course, there’s also the Legend of the Leatherman that is a piece of Westchester County Folklore, and his actual wandering Loop of over 300 miles. He was known to eat whole loaves of bread in one sitting and having a love a coffee… sounds like an endurance athlete.

With its action-packed scenery (Kimberly bridge, The Pit, The Wall, Mud Flats, Switchback and The Splash, to name a few), the music (yodeling to mariachi bands to bagpipers), and characters (the Leatherman is only one among many), this race was like a journey through a movie. The finish was a satisfying chute that ended with cheers, smiles, orange slices and bagels.



   Joey makes moves to pass on a hill Josh comes down the finish fully relaxed. Jeri keeps her balance on the climb

#CHRCTrails brought it full on with impressive finishes and muddied shoes. We will be sure to come back next year!