Royal Race Report: John Bedard on the Cherry Tree Relay

What was your race experience like?

When I first heard about the race, I was pretty intimidated based upon the terrible weather experienced previously, especially since even Akil refused to run it and that guy runs thousands and thousands of miles! However, this year’s weather was great and I was excited not to have to run the whole 10 miles! Aside from the bib pickup, the overall race felt well organized and was on time. The relay handoffs went pretty smoothly for our team and I had the best running teammates.

Did you train for this race? If so, how?

Nope. 3.4 miles is a pretty short distance for me and the course is super familiar since we run around it at least once a week!

Did you have any goals for this race? If so, what were they?

My goals were in our team name, CHRC banana splits! I wanted negatives splits on my lap, which I and my team achieved. In the end, Sunny, who ran the 2nd lap, had a faster pace than me, and in turn Nick had a faster pace than Sunny! Very happy with the results 🙂

Did CHRC help you train for/run/celebrate this race? If so, how?

Yes! Running with my teammates and getting to know each other’s paces and abilities was very helpful.

What was your favorite thing about the race?

I really enjoyed the relay aspect and working together with teammates to achieve our best results.

What was the biggest challenge about the race?

Potentially, it was the weather, but in the end the weather was great. So, I guess it was the handoff of the snap bracelet, but otherwise, no big challenges.

Would you run it again?


What advice/tips would you give to Royals wanting to run this race?

It’s worth braving the weather to run this race. If you are looking for a PR for a 10 mile race, this one is definitely a good choice because the course is so familiar!