Meet our Members: Lauren DeFelice

A warm welcome to new Royal, Lauren DeFelice, who started joining CHRC’s Tuesday Trots and Saturday long runs in January.

Why do you run?

I run for exercise and to meet others and explore my city. 

What’s your favorite thing about running?

I love when I get an actual runner’s high, that huge rush of endorphins when all the little aches and pains disappear and it’s just pure euphoria. 

Why did you join CHRC?

I’m new to the neighborhood, and I wanted to meet other runners and learn some cool running routes.  

What’s been your favorite CHRC run/event/activity and why?

I did a Saturday long run a few weeks back and we ran to Sunset Park for Dim Sum. Who doesn’t love ending at a good food destination? 

What’s your favorite race and why?

I love all trail races. To me, they are less intimidating than road races; the pressure isn’t so high and I’m too busy looking at my feet to think about all the miles. 

What’s something you love to do when you’re not running?

 I have a huge travel bug. Every few months, I like to take a trip to a new place, whether it’s a new neighborhood in my city or another country. I love to explore.