March Madness Challenge


The CHRC March Madness Challenge doth begin forthwith!

THE CHALLENGE: Run every day during the month of March!*

At the end of the month awards will be given for:

  • Longest Streak
  • Most Miles
  • Greatest percentage of the month
  • Newbie Award
  • Other awards TBA!

We got through the coldest of winter. It’s time to get back into running consistently and what better way to build that base for your Brooklyn Half training than to start a healthy challenge for the month of March!

Track your runs any way you choose. We recommend joining the CHRC group on MapMyRun, but anything from your own apps to pencil and paper will do. Just make sure to send Elly your running record at the end of the month. Encourage each other through the month on Facebook by joining the Event.

We will gather on April 1st to celebrate CHRC’s running prowess and give out awards! Details to follow.

What are you waiting for???

It’s #CHRCMarchMadness #MarchMilesMadness #runstreak! Go forth!

startline*NOTE: We do not want to encourage over training. Runs of all lengths count. Make healthy choices for yourself, and take a day off if you need to. There will be many awards to win.