Madeline’s Marathon Training Journal

September Edition

Hi folks! Happy October! As of this writing I am in Week 12 of my training plan on the path to the 2019 NYC Marathon. Here’s update #3:

Ups: In August, I ran 125 miles. This is the highest mileage month I’ve had – ever – and part of the motivation for hitting that milestone was because I finally wanted to receive the ‘August Running Distance Challenge’ badge on Strava. Whatever works, I guess! For most of September, I felt really on top of my training, and the cherry on top of each week was the long run. I always have a blast running with or leading CHRC’s Chill Pace Group, and everyone who’s joined us has contributed to an awesome and supportive team. One week, I was the leader and only member of CPG, but surprised myself by running a 16-miler solo and honestly kind of enjoying it! Regardless of company, entering into each long run with the goal of treating it like a journey of exploration rather than a workout has been really beneficial in making the higher distances palatable. 

Downs: For the past ten days or so, I’ve been really slacking on my mileage. In my defense, I moved apartments over the weekend and did so without hiring movers, so I was waaaay too tired to run my long one. I had also signed up for the Bronx 10 mile but did not end up running it because I still had more moving to do when the big day came around. Consequently, I’m feeling kind of down on myself, but I’m trying not to internalize it too much. I was sore enough and beat up enough from moving furniture all weekend that the extra rest probably did me good. 

Dos: If you’re looking to get new shoes before the NYC Marathon, now is the time to do so. I got a new pair of Brooks Ghost 12s a few weeks ago, and have been rotating them with my trusty old Ghost 11s. This way, I’m getting used to my new shoes without wearing them down too quickly. 

Don’ts: Drink half a bottle of wine the night before a long run. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…

That’s all for now! Less than a month left until the marathon!