Kelsey Drain’s Marathon Training Report

I’m on round two of marathon training after running the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon. On the streets of New York City this fall, I hope to run a faster time so I’m trying to take this training thing more seriously (i.e. actually do the prescribed weekly track workouts and tempo runs). So far, six weeks in, I’ve completed all of the miles and most of the workouts. I’m also trying to be consistent with stretching and foam rolling, which can be a real struggle when you’re exhausted and hungry all the time (see below). Long runs in August were easy because Summer Streets is like Christmas for runners, and it only feels right to be out there with CHRC.

Ups: I’m definitely feeling stronger. I’d kept consistently running 20-30 mile weeks since I recovered from the Philly Marathon in late 2017, so I thought I was in pretty good shape, but I was wrong. Marathon training started kicking my butt from week one — but it’s supposed to be hard, right? I’m feeling the benefits of those miles and workouts on my long runs now. Another great discovery: the Red Hook track.

Downs: I’m exhausted and hungry all the time, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I feel like I’ve been constantly force-feeding myself and drinking more water than I did all winter.

Do: Have a Garmin — especially if you’re trying to hit certain times on the track or tempo paces. I love my Apple Watch and the freedom it gives me to run without my phone and still listen to music, but it’s not totally equipped for what I need. It’s funny to think that during my first round of marathon training, I actually had a Garmin (RIP) and didn’t take advantage of these capabilities that I’m now longing for. Tune in next month for how my training has changed (hopefully benefitted) after I invest in a new GPS watch.

Don’t: Run more than 800 miles in one pair of sneakers, even if you have really good insoles.

Thanks and stay tuned!
– Kelsey