How do NYRR club points work?


As a NYRR -affiliated local running club, CHRC can compete with other clubs in the NYC-area to earn special “club points” during designated NYRR races. Each year, between 9 and 11 NYRR races are chosen to be Club Points races. CHRC tries to field a team for every Club Points race.


The fastest 5 runners per division from each club have their finishing place added together (e.g. a club has 5 women place 1st, 4th, 16th, 199th, 200th = 420) and the clubs with the lowest totals are awarded the most points. Every club with at least 5 declared male finishers or 5 declared female finishers are awarded 1 point regardless of the total.

The NYRR website, goes into a lot more detail about scoring, but the bottom line for us is that we need to have at least 10 runners (5 male and 5 female) show up for every race!

Go #CHRCWomen! Go #CHRCMen!