Holiday Hooooopla!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we have officially entered the beginning of the Holiday Season and we’re about to whoop it up ourselves this Saturday December 3rd from 7pm into the starry night!!

Let’s celebrate those wins, challenges and conquests; let’s recognize what we value both in the club and in each of you that has made 2016 such a BIG success on SO many fronts.

Please START by RSVP-ing (YES)! You can do so via our Facebook Event page:  OR
by emailing

If you RSVP (YES) by the end of day December 1, 2016 – our Safety Squire will ensure there’s a special surprise for you! Are you still new to the club? Don’t be shy! Many of our newbies in the past started their Royal experience at our Holiday Party. Some might say this is the best point of entry 😀

Second, we are having a lovely TACO BAR potluck. Please consider contributing to our communal food table by looking over this amazing spreadsheet. NO nuts please.

AND dear friends, Nota Bene:
socks— Shoes will be left at the door. We will be hosting a “who can wear the most festive pair of socks” competition. Extra points should they also be running socks. GAME-ON!

— There is a friendly kitty in residence…Anti-histamines recommended if you are allergic.

— Q train is running that weekend, and the stop is Avenue J.

Come one, come all! The Royal Hooooopla is a coming!