Elizabeth Tromans on the Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Race

What was your race experience like?

Wow, this race was hot! I’ve never enjoyed a popsicle quite so much as I enjoyed the frozen goodness at the finish line of this race.

Aside from the heat, however, I very much enjoyed the overall lively and positive atmosphere. It truly felt like a celebration, which is its purpose! I also enjoyed Jessie’s tutu, that Heather and I had matching rainbow compression socks, Bess’s commitment to the shorts rainbow by getting a new pair of shorts for a color we were missing, Mary’s enthusiastic sass in the team photo, and everyone’s overall positivity. It is such a happy coincidence to me, also, that Allison and Jessie and I always, including at this race, get assigned to the same coral and can have a laugh before setting off.

Did CHRC help you train for/run/celebrate this race? If so, how?

I did not train per se, but I did enjoy many a Monday Miles and Friday Five with the CHRC crew per my normal schedule! There were also the solo runs in between, which these days feel rather lonely, I must admit.

What was your favorite thing about the race?

My most favorite thing about this race was the shorts rainbow! Inspired by the good CHRC-ers come before, with minimal last-minute planning we managed to pull off quite the colorful spread. My second favorite thing (yes, the shorts rainbow beat this) was that we set a new world record for the largest ever Pride race, anywhere in the world. I find it quite special not only that NYC gets to claim this title, but that CHRC was a part of it.

What was the biggest challenge about the race?

Did I mention the heat? So sweaty…

What advice/tips would you give to Royals wanting to run this race?

Dress up! Have fun! Don’t go expecting a personal record in the dead heat of summer, but have the mindset that this race is meant to be a chance to celebrate the amazing LGBTQ+ community in New York City and around the world, so make it just that – a celebration!