Dear 2016. We’re coming for you!

The year end can feel like a time when something grand should happen; something to sum up the miles we ran, the people we touched, the changes we achieved, in a climax of awesome lights and music.

Then there are those years when we can’t wait for the old calendar to be pulled down and the new page to be put up: blank and pristine, free of the messes from the past year, the dreadful days and injuries that somehow we got through.

The start of 2016 comes like a mile-marker, not a finish line or a starting clock.

start clockWe’ll swiftly run through it reflecting on how far we’ve come and looking at what’s ahead. With determination, friends and loved ones, and with the strength of our hard-working legs (tired and strained as they might be), we’ll take a sip of water (or champagne) to savor the sweet joy of the moment… before we continue on.


Congratulations to all #CHRC members who completed personal bests, Boston qualifying times, first 5Ks, first marathons, first run with a group, 9+1s, 1000th mile, 1000th squat, etc. Congrats to #CHRCWomen who finished the year tied for 13th in the Open Women B among NYC clubs in their inaugural year!

From the Royal Council at CHRC, THANK YOU for being with us in 2015 and we look forward to another wonderful year of friendship and miles. You are Royalty!!

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**If you are interested in being a member of the Royal Council, we want to hear from you! Our new year “retreat” is on January 10th. Hope you will join us!**