CHRC Goes Camping!

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Thank you to Zhanna & Kaitlyn for their personal accounts and Tony for his great photos!

Tony– You may not see this professional photographer at many of our regular runs or NYRR races, but you can bet he’s a tough runner (usually on trails) and athlete (completing several triathlons this summer!) Find him at our next Royal Court or in the great outdoors!

Kaitlyn – Our outdoor lover who partnered with Sunny in leading this troupe and planned our club’s very first Camping trip! Learn more about Kaitlyn and what makes her such a special part of CHRC on our ABOUT page.

camping1We left Crown Heights around 9am and got to the campsite around noon.
First we set up the tents and I laid out a sandwich buffet with vegan and gluten free options.
We went on several short hikes near the campground and saw some great views of the Hudson Valley. Later we started a fire and just as we started to cook dinner the rain started so we huddled around the picnic table under my canopy and ate dinner. It rained all night but it had stopped by the time we woke up.  
We had a breakfast burrito buffet before heading to Kaaterskill Falls for a short but difficult hike which ended at a huge, beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. We hung out there for a bit before hiking back out. 

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Zhanna – aka “Z” is a life enthusiast known among us in CHRC as committing all the way in her life experiences. She recently traveled home to Kazakhstan and completed a 30day Vlog which can be viewed here! 

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Going camping is fun, but going camping with CHRC is awesome!

I had a blast and would do it again in a heart beat. Sunny did a great job organizing everything and had tons of extra camping gear, so I had a peace of mind. He also had all kinds of camping gadgets, and honestly camping with Sunny means knowing that all your needs will be covered:)
Kaitlin amazed me with her vegan cooking skills! Usually I get is a salad in most places, but she went all in. Can I marry her? Just kidding:)
Despite the rain we had a great time having deep personal conversions with Broke and Kristen in a car while listening to the rain outside. Akil was fully uniformed as a ranger, so we looked like we knew what the hell we were doing.
And yes, we had a professional photographer with us at all time. Tony, who took all these beautiful photos. Of course the view was amazing and the air was fresh, but what made this trip awesome is the people.


**Look out for announcements to join CHRC Fall Camping trip in a couple months!**

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