Brooklyn Half Marathon Race Recap

In spite of training derailments, injuries, and other unexpected obstacles (which we runners have no shortage of experience with), almost fifty #CHRC team members crossed the finish line among tens of thousands on the boardwalk at Coney Island this spring.


The results of the day consisted of majority Personal Bests (PBs or PRs), at least 3 first time half-marathon finishes, a flurry of confetti for newly wed friends, no DNFs, zero banana peels left on the course. Our top runner came in at 1:24; our back-of-the-packer swept in at 3:14. Twenty-four members came in #Breaking2 and one member who missed the 2 hour finish by just 31 seconds… but then again, he did take an extra 2 minutes on the course to double back on Ocean Parkway to give kisses to his cheering family.



Congratulations to our top scorers!

#CHRCWomen:  Aliza, Elly, Nicole, Leslie and Desiree
#CHRCMen:  Spencer, Andrew K., Walt, Guillermo and Robert


As a member on the sidelines, ready to cheer, I (Kay) had the pleasure of seeing the mental and physical strength of my running buddies. Coming through the 11 mile mark nearing the end of that dreaded Ocean Parkway stretch, #CHRCWomen and #CHRCMen were ever-cheery, smiling and waving, spotting our cheer team’s jumping bananas sooner than we could spot them as they zoomed by.



It wasn’t the best race day for some and a struggle to the finish for many (no one said a half marathon is easy). After time to rest and raise the legs, some beer and all the delicious foods (thank you L&B Spumoni Gardens!), the #RunningRoyalty is bounding back into summer training as I knew they would. Congratulations Crown Heights! See you back on the roads very soon!

**Thank you to all the runners who shared photographs of their best and worst moments. Thank you Yael for all your photos taken from the cheer spot