CHRC Guidelines for Events & Group Runs During COVID-19

CHRC Events & Group Runs during COVID-19

  1. CHRC remains committed to ensuring a safe running experience for our members, as well as for the Brooklyn community as a whole. We are thrilled to be able to run together again and will abide by all applicable COVID-19 guidance issued by the city or state governments in order to safely continue doing so. 
  2. CHRC will continue group runs as long as New York City’s test positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average is below 10% of total tests and the city issues no restrictions on outdoor activities or small gatherings. 
  3. If the positivity rate rises about 10% of total test and/or the city or state governments issued restrictions on outdoor activities, the COVID-19 Special Project Group will convene to make a recommendation to the Board regarding changes to or cancelling group runs. 
  4. Indoor social events will be permitted when New York City’s test positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average is below 0.5% and the NY State guidelines allow for indoor gatherings for large groups of mixed vaccination status. 
  5. Club-sponsored outdoor non-running events will be permitted following NY State Guidelines which currently allow for up to 200 people to gather outdoors. Non-running events will be restricted to fully vaccinated people only.
  6. For outdoor events involving food, bring food and refreshments for yourself or to share, based on your comfort level. 
  7. Co-sponsored events and group runs with other running clubs are permitted when New York City’s test positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average is below 1%. Co-sponsored runs with other clubs will continue as of this update, while social events will be suspended until rates drop back below 1%.
  8. Participants in CHRC group runs and events are be required to complete the CHRC Contact Tracing form prior to each event and/or run they attend. 
  9. Members are asked to refrain from attending group runs or other CHRC events if they feel unwell or are following NY State guidelines for isolating, i.e. returning from a high-risk location or have a known exposure, including if they are fully vaccinated.
  10. Members are permitted to self-organize non-club sponsored gatherings on CHRC platforms (Facebook, Slack). They must specify that their gathering is a non-club event when doing so.

Safety during runs

  1. All participants in CHRC runs are asked to commit to the following guidelines in order to run safely together during COVID-19: 
    1. Wearing a mask while running is optional only for fully vaccinated people, including before and after runs. If you are not fully vaccinated, you routinely spend time with a high-risk loved one, and/or if you’ve recently returned from a high risk location, please wear a mask through the run.
    2. Maintain social distancing before, during, and after the run. This includes during photos.
    3. Refrain from spitting, snot-rocketing, giving high-fives, or sharing  water bottles.
    4. Agree to contact the CHRC COVID-19 Special Project Group per the instructions (in section 3, below). 
  2. During COVID-19, Run Leaders have the following responsibilities in addition to those laid out in the Run Leader guidelines: 
    1. Ensure all runners are practicing social distancing.
    2. Show respect for our community by facilitating splitting a large group of runners into several smaller groups.
    3. Run Leaders have the authority and responsibility to ask any runner who refuses to follow COVID-19 precautions to leave the run.
    4. Share a friendly reminder of these guidelines at the start of each run.
  3. Self-organized/pop-up runs
    1. Members are permitted to self-organize group runs outside of the CHRC schedule on CHRC’s platforms (Slack, Facebook), with the understanding that they will follow all of the safety guidelines, including limiting non-running events to fully vaccinated people only.
    2. If you have self-organized on a CHRC platform (Facebook or Slack) ensure participants have completed the CHRC Contact Tracing form.